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Convenient Hands Free Dog Running Leash | Dong Running Leash Waist

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Hands Free Dog Running Leash | Dog Running Leash Waist

Product Description:

Removable design: The dog belt and leash can be used separately after being separated.

Pocket design: There is a large pocket for storing smart phones when running or walking the dog, and two small pockets for storing keys, coins or small items.

Hands free: Free your hands from now onwards. You can listen to your favorite songs while running or walking with your dog.

Control & Balance: Pets are always active and full of energy and tend to move around when outside With this high-quality stretchable elastic leash, you will no longer lose your balance when you suddenly pull your dog. When pulling hard, the elastic leash can effectively absorb the shock, making it easier to control the dog.

Reflective design: This product uses reflective stitching to provide more security. You and your dog can be see more clearly when jogging or walking at night..

Material: Polyester
Telescopic length: 160-260cm
Specifications (length * width) 2.5*160 (waist belt 70-120cm) (retractable running belt 160-260cm)
Color Royal blue (softcover 270g), orange (softcover 270g), fluorescent green (softcover 270g), water green (softcover 270g), black D-ring fluorescent green (softcover 270g)

Packing list:
Retractable dog harness*1