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Interactive Dogs Snuffle Mat | Dog Food Mat | Dog Activity Mat

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Dogs Snuffle Mat | Dog Food Mat | Dog Activity Mat

Product Information: 

  • Size: 27.95 x 27.95 inch
  • Material: Polar fleece
  • Machine washable


  1. It is a dogs snuffle mat, and can be hidden with snacks or small toys in the snuff pad for your dog to find it. It helps to train your dog's smell, and can consume your dog's energy and help it to lose weight.
  2. Great in keeping your dog occupied. This dog feeding pad is a great way to get  dog with lots of energy to use their brain during their dinner time. The exercise is similar to walking the dog.
  3. The dog mat stimulates your dog mentally and physically, helping to relieve stress and relax.
  4. Easy to clean and the dog pad is made of sustainable hand-made anti-pilling fleece material, and can be cleaned by machine.
  5. Packing list: 1 smelling cushion (27.95 inch x 27.95 inch)