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Small Dogs Life

Fun Dog Chew Toys With Strong Suction Cup and Corn Sound

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Dog Chew Toys | Dog Bite Toys


Material: Rubber
Features: Durable Tooth Cleaner
Suitable For: Small/Medium/Large Dogs and Aggressive Chewers

Product Description:

With the unique corn shape realistic texture surface, it can attract dog to chew and play with it. The suction cup design allows this toy to be used in multiple positions and to add to the fun aspect. 

A perfect toy for chewing games and to keep the dog's teeth healthy. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, the amazing toy can enhance the pets relationship with the dog parents. It can also be used to vent your dogs destructive desires and avoid damage to your furniture.

Add food to the corn and your dog will just be mad about it.

Do not worry about the toy hurting your dog as it is soft enough to prevent damage to the dog's gums. Molar teeth of different sizes on dog can clean dog teeth in all directions. It'll help the dog to keep its oral health.

The toy will make whenever the dog bites on it. This helps to draw attention and to make the dog more interesting.