How to wash your dog in winter

It’s winter and with the cold weather, how you wish you never need to wash your dog. However, the fact is that you should wash your dog at least once a month during winter.

Winter can be a dirty month for some dogs. With rain, ice, melting snow, salt, you dog can get pretty muddy. It is reasonable to assume it will need at least one bath before spring arrives. Bear in mind that cleaning your dog in winter is never the same as summer. Below are some tips and guide on how to wash your dog in winter.

Turn up the Heat

Before washing your dog, adjust the temperature up in your home. During winter, the biggest concern with bathing your dog is the possibility of hypothermia. If your home is warm enough, there is less likelihood for the dog to get chilled. If your bathroom doesn’t stay warm, place a space heater in the room while you bathe your dog.

Toilet Time Before the Bath

Take your dog for a potty break before the bath. By doing this, it will reduce the risk of hypothermia; also some dogs will suddenly get seemingly boundless energy and run like a shot out of a cannon (known as “the zoomies”) after it's washed. As you're probably aware, when a dog runs on a full bladder or stomach, it's likely to have an accident.

Place a Rubber Math Mat

Before washing your dog, place a heavy rubber bath mat at the bottom of your bathtub and then fill it with a few inches of warm water. Remember to test the warm water yourself first before putting your dog there.

After this is done, gently brush and massage your dog to make it feel relax. Taking this step will eliminate tangles which could turn into mats and lessen the amount of loose hair which may clog your drains.

Remember not to spray water into your dog’s ear as it is a sensitive area. It is advisable to place one cotton ball in each of the dog’s ears. Push the cotton ball into the opening of the ear canal, using just enough pressure to nestle it securely in the ear. Don’t push it too far into the ear, or you could injure the ear canal.

Ready to Bath

Once this is done, you’re all set to wash your dog. Begin by thoroughly wet the dog’s coat using warm water. Use dog shampoo to scrub and massage the dog. After shampoo, clean with water and apply conditioner. Let the conditioner rest for up to five minutes. After that, rinse the dog clean. Remember to remove the cotton balls from its ears.


After washing, wrap your dog. in a large towel and slowly lift it out from the bathtub. Then dry your dog with a towel and remove as much water as possible. You may want to switch to a dry towel to speed up the drying process. Another tip is to prepare a warm towel before the bath. Once the bath is over, you dog will be immediately wrapped in a nice pre-warm towel to avoid getting chill. 

Alternatively, you may want to use a 2-in-1 blower and brush to dry and brush your dog simultaneously.

To blow and brush your dog, remember to begin with a lowest heat setting and slowing increase the heat. Gently brush your dog while blowing it dry.

For safety reason, never let your dog jump into or out of a tub on their own. The slippery surfaces can cause injuries to your lovely dog.

After the bath, keep your dog indoor to ensure they are thoroughly dry. You do not want to dog to get outside without making sure they are totally dry from head to toe.

The is all the tips and guides on how to wash your dog in winter and hope it has been beneficial to you.